Power to the girly jocks who push it to the extreme like Ms. Wyvil Who rips? Wendy indeed.

Wendy, how long have you been riding a snowboard?
I'd say about five years.

Where do you live?
Whistler, B.C. (That's Canada, folks.)

It sounds like you might also be a skateboarder, is that true?
Yes. I've been skating for about five eyars also. It's one of the hardest sports I've ever seen
or done. I keep it mellow, though; I've busted a lot of bones learning. I skate at the Whistler
skatepark where you'll find some of the finest skaters.

So, how long have you been sponsored by Simsİ?
Since September of 1994. Something that came my way; a great company to ride for. They
are really interested in doing a lot for the female riders out there.

What's good music?
Anything that gets me going in the morning and keeps me together all day.

Who's crazy?
Just about everyone I know in Whistler.

What about love?
I love my day.

Who inspires you?
Quite a few people -- most of whom keep a low profile. Whistler's got a lot of rippers like
Dave D. who doesn't care that I'm a girl. He's always got some crazy cliff line to take me to.
It's awesome to ride with these guys; they rip as hard as the rest of the world, but hey don't
care who sees 'em.

What about soy milk? Is rice milk better?
Soy milk makes my tummy go "Yum!" Rice milk... you've got to be open-minded to like that

What's your favorite number?
Eight. (The number in between seven and nine and eight numbers before sixteen. The
symbol of eight looks like the symbol of infinity. As far as numerology goes, eight represents
the material world of money and wealth.)

What's your favorite snowboarding trick today?
Anything that I can land and ride away from.

Have you ever surfed?
Yeah -- me and K.Y. in Hawaii on long boards. Loved it.

What do you think of television?
Good entertainment when your brain is in neutral.

Who charges the battery of your fun life?
That would be my friend Kristi Yzenaw (Miss Jeopardy), a ruling snowboarder and the only
one who really gets my jokes.

Who owes you, Wendy?
Anyone who didn't get a punch from me who was asking for it!

To whom do you owe thanks?
Mom and dad for being happy for me that I'm having the best time of my life