the basics: Nickname: Jet Age: 21 Height: 5'8" Weight 130 Years snowboarding: 9 Sponsors: Burton, Oakley

What's your favorit trick?
going huge in the halfpipe.

Why do u love to snowboard?
because it's fun.

Whom do u look up to in snowboarding?
John Sommers, Terje and the Stratton crew.

What music do u like?
Wu Tang, Goodie Mob...

What are your fav. movies?
Ace Ventura movies, Tank Girl and Tommy Boy

What is your goal in snowboarding?
to go to the olympics n have lots of fun

What are some of your favorite pickup lines?
1) Excuse me, do u know where the weight room is?
2) Big Gulps, huh guys?
3) Whelp, see ya!

Anyone to give snaps to?
Musie and Bubbie Sayres, Poopsie and Minta (little sis)

Pat Bridges