Steve Ruff was twelve when he had his first kiss - with Jenny Ferguson at the bowling ally. Now this So Cal loc is turning his heads of more than just girls. Steve can easily be found by anyone stopping at the Snow Summit park. You might mistake him for a parent's dream if you don't look too closely, but don't let his clean - cut exterior fool you: this kid goes big. Big like an elephnat, graceful like a swarn, and calm like a cat, Steve has more character than a small petting zoo.

What's your highest bowling score?

So, you like to bowl?
I used to. When I was growing up, I bowled quit a bit. I was never in a league though. I never had my own ball or shoes, either.

Did you ever run for class president or anything?
Yup, I was fifth-grade class president. Write that down, baby.

Did you ever get suspended?
Once in the ninth grade for getting too many referrals.

So you wouldn't say you're a parent's wet dream?
Sure I am.

What was the last gift you ever bought for your mom?
It was Mother's Day. and I bought her a little trinket, a miniature carrot-juice stand. She put it on the dining room table.

Who are you riding with?
last year I rode a lot with Hillary (Maybery) and Shannon Hames.

What type of setup do you ride?
Right now I'm riding Burton bindings on a Joyride 151. I ride basically a twelve degree on the the front and a negative-two on the back, centered. Actually; I've been riding about a 1,5-inch back, 22-inch stance.

How tall are you?
About five-foot ten. I weight like 155 or 150.

If I have to classify your riding, what do you think it would be? Daredevil? Solid rider?
All-mountain freeride.

What was the sickest snap you ever saw?
Probably Devun Walsh doing the road gap at bear.

What's the hardest trick that you're stocked you can pull?
Fat sevens or fat fives.

Did someone teach you how to do it, or did you just watch everyone?
just watched and learned.

What would someone not know about you?
I like fishing, surfing, skate as much as possible. I've lived in California all my life.

Where was the first place you started making turns?
Snow Summit about four years ago. Never skied before.

Where do you like to ride the most - Summit?
That's where I rode most just 'cause that's where I was living, but I like to ride as much powder as possible.

You like powder more than extreme?
Yeah, I really haven't gotten to do that much extreme stuff. I'd like to get into it more.

What do you think is the most underrated place you've ridden?
Mt. Waterman for sure, it's got this sick terrain, good steeps. When it dumps, it gets some of the best snow, and it's usually not crowded. They have good backcountry runs. Also Krarka Ridge. It's about 45 or 90 minutes from where I grew up, so I just shot up the hill.

Last time on an inner-tube?
Probably about five years ago. I was with my brother, and I remember there was one big rapid at the end ... We flipped over