Aspen babe Sabrina Sedeghi

Born: 11-19-76 Height: 5'8" Sponsors: Sims, Northwave, Smith Stance: Regular Width: 20.5 Front foot: 18 degrees Back foot: 6 degrees Board: Project Hex/ Project Pipe Length: 152 (ummm of the board not Sabrina's...)

Powerful, persistent, positive and playful. What do all of these words have in common besides brginning with the consonant P?
They all describe Sabrina Sedeghi. Growing up in Aspen, Colorado, would turn most girls into a Hot Chilly and fur-coat-wearing P.E.T.A. nightmare, but not Sabrina. Her only Aspenesque vice is a penchant for shoe shopping.

For someone who goes big in the pipe, Sabrina is surprisingly down to earth. The old saying goes: "home is where the heart is." If this is the case then we should all use caution while cruising at Buttermilk where she began riding nine year ago. If not, we may end up carving a toeside across Sabrina's left ventricle.

That's not to say that Aspen and Buttermilk have a monopoly on Sabrina's downtime from the contest circuit. A major portion of her year is spent in Seattle, where there is ample access to the North Cascades. This is not your typical stomping ground for a world-class halfpipe contender. Then again, pointing it down a tight tree shot over a triple staircase can make any halfpipe seem like the bunny slope. Perhaps that's why Sabrina can go trick for trick with the likes of Tricia Byrnes and Jennie Waara in any pipe in the world

Basically, Sabrina just knows how to step up whether in pipe or life, and more often than not, onto a podium.

Pat Bridges