some facts: age: 19 home: Tempe, Arizona sponsors: Burton, Dragon, AZP fav cartoon character: Snoopy

shredding with Brett is always enjoyable. It's like having a comedian for the ride. Brett is one of those skater-tuned-snowboarder types who brings a unique style to our sport. Brett likes big quaterpipes, hips, kickers and is no stranger to the pow. All-mountain freestyle best describes his style.
Brett grew up snowboarding and his parents have always been supportive of his pursuits. "We just want Brett to be doing the things he has a passion for," his mom said, "but he has to finish school!" And that he's doing: Brett gratuated early from high school to go snowboarding and is now a sophomore at Arizona State. he crams classes into the off- season and still manages to get to Hood in the summer for some pipe. I guess you could say he's on top of this game.
Brett's had three halfpipes in his backyard over the years and was on a shop skate team at age 8. He started riding Snowball at age 11. Today he mostly rides in Colorado at Wolf Creek and backcountry snowmobile stuff arround Summit County and Vail.

the blah blah part:

I heard you followed the trend of many sponsored riders and bought a Nintendo?
Yeah, it gives me something to do on the road. You know, "No Friend-O"

Favorites to ride with:
ben Hinkley, joey, Nick Malone, J.J. Thomas. I just like to watch what all the young kids like J.J, are doing and then try to copy their style (laughs).

It's a good training ground. There is pretty good backcountry. In one run you can hike out of bounds, then cut into a tree, then a run, then hit the park and take the lift up and do it again. It's not bad for a small hill.

Any good pick up lines?
Yeah, I've got one but it's pretty much hit or miss. It goes like this: You walk up to a girl with your buddy and you say, "Excuse me, do you have the time..." and the girl starts looking for her watch, and then you say " meet my friend J.J." (J.J is laughing).

Fill in the blank: You better check yoself before ________
You wet yoself?