lets.. make a bong! if u happen to get a pair of Spy sunglasses as a gift don't get too mad because by following these simple steps and borrowing a couple of tools from Dad's shed u can make yourself a bong from the case in no time.

1. go to the smoke shop and buy a 3" stem and a bowl that fits the stem; each is about 2 bucks. remember, if they ask, you are making a water pipe to smoke tobacco and not a bong for smoking grass. the word "bong" insinuates drug and is illegal and they will toss ya out on your ass for saying it

2. find a drill and a bit that matches the diameter of your stem, probably 3/8" if you bought the standard fitting. put the bit on the drill and plug in the drill.

3. make a mark about 1 1/2" up from the bottom of the case. this is going to be where the hole for the stem is to be drilled.

4. this is the tricky part, so pay close attention. it is easyer to do this part with two people so get your little brother or sister to help u. have him hold the case still. next, position the drill over the mark and start drilling the hole straight down at a 90 angle to the case. after u get the hole started, switch your angle to 45 and keep drilling until u drill completely through the case.

5. now insert the stem through your new hole until it stops on the bottom of the inside of the case.

6. the stem will not completely fill the hole so after the stem is inserted just put some epoxy around the stem at the hole . this will make a seal.

7. let the epoxy dry, screw on the bowl, add water and grass and get high